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Do I go or shouldn't I bother - Urgent


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Would really love someone's help here with a problem I have.


Three months ago, I caught up with a friend from Primary School via Facebook. We had a few drinks at my place, had a great time but ended up sleeping with each other. He is a really nice guy, not something I would normally do. We got along really well.


Two weeks later we caught up again and same thing happened.


I haven't seen him since but have heard from him from time to time.


It was his birthday a few days ago and he has organised a party at a hotel in town and sent people invites via facebook, which are a lot of friends from primary school which I haven't seen in 15 - 20 years.


He started chatting to me on facebook tonight, when it was time to leave the conversation, I told him to have a good night tomorrow nite, he then proceed to invite me to the party. I'm not sure if I should go? I feel like I have been invited at the last minute but I do want to go, I do like this guy but I don't think he is feeling the same way about me, if he did, he would have invited me in the first place. Would be good to catch up with friends I haven't seen in a long time thoug.


What should I do, do I go or should I just put this down to a bit of fun and not worry about taking it any further?

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