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Period 40 days apart and other stuff..

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My whole life I've had my period 40-50 days apart, with a few exceptions of when I wasn't getting enough to eat, and another time when I was on the pill. During that year (with a few skips) I got it 6 times. Nowadays I get it like 8-9 times a year.


Every doctor I go to insists I go on the pill to "fix this". I did that. I felt like crap all the time. I got my period on the right day (21 days) but it didnt feel right. It was too light and I felt sick and bloated even after my period was over.


This is just from my personal experience, but I feel that doctors learn their craft "by the books" and the "books" are written for the majority ethnicity - white people descended from western Europe.


I say this because this period "problem" is actually pretty common with the women in my family. I told this to a doctor .. he said we should all go on 'the pill'.


I guess it's kind of frustrating that doctors see this as a problem and I currently don't (I used to.)


Anyway the racism thing also comes in because I am white-skinned but from the Mediterranean, so I was born with many "beauty spots". They're not too many because I don't get comments on them alot, they're just a bit more than an average person I guess. Every doctor I've been to is telling me I have too many and it's because I stay out in the sun. Yet- I NEVER tan, I haven't gotten in a bathing suit in probably 3 years - I always wear leggings or tights under skirts and shorts .. It's just a habit. The only part of me that gets tanned is my arms, and I don't have beauty spots on them. I was born with all my spots, they've never changed color or shape.


It's just kind of annoying that a doctor can't accept that someone's skin is different, their body is different, mostly because they are from a different part of the world.


Argh - maybe this is all just a coincidence, mixed in with all my other bad doctor expiriences.

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there is nothing wrong with your periods. Everyones periods are different, and the pill does not suit everybody (i wish I had your cycle...) As for the beauty spots, I have several of those also. There is nothing wrong with that. I tend to not go to the doctors because of the way the deal with things.


If you have a problem with your cycle, make an appointment with a gynacologist. (sp)

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Booooooooo on doctors that think their stupid pills can "fix" us.


If your cycles have always been longer, and the cycles of the women in your family have always been longer, then I don't see ANY problems. EVERY woman is unique. It's RIDICULOUS to go on a medication if you don't need it.


The only problem I can see is that, if you're looking to get pregnant, you only have 8-9 chances per year, instead of 12-13. However, your mother managed to get pregnant with you, and I see you're 20 years old, so I suspect that's not really an issue.


But I get your frustration. Doctors go to schools that tell them that they know better than their patients what should be done with their patients' bodies. Don't believe the B.S. I know it's hard to stand up to someone with a white lab coat, but do it anyway.


As an aside, I'm so lucky to have an amazing Planned Parenthood a few blocks from my house. All of the clinicians there are female, and there's an awesome diversity of old, young, white, and women of color. It's a really welcoming place and I've NEVER felt pressured into ANYTHING. Instead of going to the regular (white and/or male and/or "traditional") doctor, are there any PP clinics near you?



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My mom planned me, and my brother was an "oops", so I don't think fertility is an issue.


I've only gone to gyno for a checkup - not that I have problems - but it's always insisted that it's a problem.


My doctors have actually all been different ethnicities and genders. I don't think they were personally biased - I just think the material they learn is biased towards the majority ethnicities.

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How do you get checked for it? Ultrasound? If so, I don't have it. I was checked when I was younger for something that sounded like that, and it ended up just being a regular ovarian cyst.


An endocronologist just checked me over (like a physical exam) and he knew. Apparently he had a lot of experience with patients like that. My regular family doctor had no idea.

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