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Over Fatigue, and now I'm sick!


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SINULOG... is coming less than 2 days from now. I am suppose to be a member of the street dance crew, but i'm unable to join the event now cause my teachers and the school doctor said that i need lots of rest because i'm "Over Fatigue". When i ever do something i always try to put my best into it. Now I feel dizzy and weary, and i got sick from yesterday till now. I love to join the event, but I'm sick.


1st Q: Should I join the Sinolog this coming Sunday or not?

2nd Q: I'm planing to try Gym Next week, will this Symptom happen again?

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Whew... i bet you'll be missing a lot... but don't force yourself though..if you're still sick come sunday, just be an audience for now. there's another sinulog next year.


with regards to going to the gym, perhaps it would be better to consult a pro...maybe you've been pushing yourself to the limits and that ain't a good idea. instead of being able to do more things and enjoy, you'll be more sickly...

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i dont know why they used that word?... but i always try my best to do my part on the team and put my up-most best in every move. and 1 day after a 5 hour practice, it was a bit raining outside so some of my friends ran in the rain and i wasnt able to take a bath because i was busy making the props that where suppose to be done yesterday. >_>

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