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long distance insecurity/jealousy


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Ok so, i've been with my boyfriend for 6 months 7 on the 26th...and we've been long distance ever since, he lives in mexico, and he comes every 2 weeks and whenever I have a long break from school I go visit him over there. Well my problem is that I am very insecure about myself, and I'm always afraid he might find another girl, or for example today I read something a girl wrote him she said something like "where have you been? lets hangout so you can tell me about your break, call me tomorrow kisses" and I felt really mad and I even got a tummy ache, is it normal for me to get jealous for that? or am I exaggerating? I've told him i don't like it when girls write stuff like that to him. I'm always imagining the worst, I know he loves me and I love him very much and its really hard for me because i'm always fearful that he might be cheating on me, even though I know he would never do it and he always reminds me how much he loves me and how much he misses me but i don't know how to stop getting so jealous and when girls write stuff like that to him i get really upset and jealous because thats not the first time this girl writes to him, i'm really jealous and i'm always asking him if he's with girls or if he's ever cheated on me, and I know its wrong because if i keep doing it, we'll end u[ breaking up I need to stop please help me!!!!

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