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HELP!! The ex or someone to do with the ex tried to contact me I think!!!!

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My phone just rang. I picked up, they hung up. 10 mins later it rang again, i answered, there was back ground noise but no one answered me. I kept saying "hello, hello, hello" but still no answer. I could hear people talking in the back ground, they were somewhere very noisy. And then i heard someone talking and it sooooooooooooooooooo sounded like my ex. They were talking about hiring a movie to watch.


I hung up coz it made me sad. They havent called back. It's weird....


I thought it could be him, but why would he call and then talk about hiring a movie?? By the way he didnt sound close to the phone, it sounded drifted.


It came up as "private number" on caller ID.

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llittlestar have you thought about seeing a counselor? You are just not moving on from this and you seem to take a lot of little things to think he is trying to make contact but there isn't any real proof...i think you could benefit from speaking to a counselor to help aide you in moving on from this.

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My phone calls people all the time w/o me knowing... does he have an iphone? Sometimes if I don't lock it the touchscreen's sensitivity will call back the last person in my recent calls list or my favorites list. Once it even got all the way through to someone I hadn't talked to in ages.


Don't overthink this.

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When my ex and I were still together her phone dialed me by accident a few times. This stuff happens. Also, it may have just been a wrong number and it was paranoia/wishful thinking that it was your ex.


No offense, love, but I think you need to stop running to ENA when things like this happen. Getting yourself worked up over what is in all actuality nothing is not doing you one bit of good. I'm sorry and empathize with your pain, but there has to be a point where you draw the line. This is over the line. If your ex really wanted to contact you he would just do it, not call and hang up and then call again and stay connected while idle chatter goes on in the background.


Counseling or therapy might be a good thing if this split has you as messed up as you seem to be. Thinking and behaving in this manner is going to drive you insane and I'm not speaking figuratively.

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And also



You have to remember that you broke up with him.


Why should he contact you? Its time you let him go. And god knows i know how hard that is. but you are hanging onto false hope.


And frankly, when he drove past beeping the other night how do u know he wasnt honking some sheila goodbye he shagged who lives in your street?

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