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rose tinted glasses


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I'm in love again!!!! I feel like there is a big beaming smile coming out of my body... He is a wonderful person and I'm so lucky.


But there are a few buts....


Just wondering if I have some rose tinted glasses on which has smoothed over some of my initial concerns from when we first met.


How do you keep your head screwed on straight while still listening to your heart?

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Were the initial concerns over your beloved's attributes in themselves or in their being red flags? If the concern was over the attributes in themselves, then the vision through love is better than the vision without. The question is whether you are willing to press on when your heart stops correcting your vision. It's certain (not just likely but certain) that your relationship will not trot along smoothly forever. You cannot rely on your feelings to carry you through the rough spots. Sometimes, your feelings are helpful; sometimes they are a hindrance, and thereforee you must have the decision to press on.


On the other hand, if the attributes were "red flags," or indications that something else might be going on, then the question is more complicated. You have to learn by your own and others' experience whether such and such a trait indicates that there are such and such other problems that need attending to. And your heart CAN very well deceive you of these things.

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