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feeling so unhealthy....Mental unhealthy state equals physical unhealthy


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How does one get out of this vicious cycle of feeling depressed and then drinking too much and eating too much and then not having the motivation to get out of it...I know it is all about will power..Every day I tell myself Im going to eat healthy and get outside and do something..and every day I end up eating too much and sitting in front of my computer, and then at night I want to go out so I can have some fun and be around people, but then I drink to much and eat too much when I get home from the bar and then nurse my hang over all day.....


It is horrible..My job has a really weird schedule and so it is not a ruitine schedule and changes week to week, so that really throws me off...The other day I went outside and did some outdoor activities and told myself I have to keep it up..But then I went out last night and did nothing with myself all day..and my room is messy..It is a cycle of depression and feeling depressed because I am not doing anything....I know the only answer is to do something about it...But has anyone else been in this situation..I have many times before, and it usually takes time before I finally kick myself in the butt.....I have probably gained between 5 to 10 pounds too, and feel so sluggish and unhealthy...I drink too much coffee too...A few months ago before I got depressed, I was jogging every other week and only drinking tea in the morning and feeling great..now my whole mental health and physical is shut down....

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Get a diary..stick it in your pocket.Write down what you ate and how it made you feel..tired ..bloated..tummy pain etc..you get the picture? Then ask yourself.Do you really need that sickly feeling from tha coke drink? Or those fries? Do you feel an energy drop from that burger? Take your clothes off in your room..lock the door. Is your good self,your kindness emanating on the outside? Do you like what you see? Are we going to be listening the merciless dog advertisers on tv telling you to eat that big whopper?That fatty doughnut? It is all about control. They want to control our behaviour..contol our thoughts and even our bodies. Do you think they want us to be intelligent?Be peaceful? Be healthy? Hell no !!! They want us to be uneducated,subservient to their wishes.

I say it is not willpower..Will power is needed when you have to fight your desire..it is your choice.The little choices we make from the time we wake up help make us the people that we deserve to be. I made my choice on November the 30th when I was exhausted ..had a belly and was weak..One day bI came home ad crashed on the lounge..I didnt have the energy to hold my coffee cup with my fingers..Since have made the choice to exercise every day..weights every day..jogging ad sprint training 5 days a week..I have been eating heartily but good quality food. Now tell you tell me what youre gonna do?


I invite you to make your choice...forget the excuses ..forget the procrastination this is your life.


Edit..I just had to shoot off..


Those foods that upset your system ..get rid of them.. If you do that and get yourself jogging walking 1 hour 5 days a week in 3 months you will look and feel alot a better .Also avoid carbs after 4pm each day. But remember have balance..if you feel exhausted then you may be getting beyond your bodies recovery..have some carbs on those days and rest..You will get there..

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