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If Ever a Time May Come


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If ever a time may come when all your efforts seem desolate and futile,

And your dreams shattered like the sinking of the sun,

Remember that the coming of each new dawn brings with it a brand new song,

So seize the day as it appears, for you never know what the next will bring along.


If ever a time may come when you feel disgraced and dishevelled,

And your body feels the pain of a near mortal blow,

Remember that only you can determine your own destiny for the years ahead,

So never cast a backward glance, and never dwell on what others may once have said.


If ever a time may come when the love in your life has almost gone for good,

And your heart bears the wounds from many a sleepless night,

Remember that with every tear there forever lies a similar soul somewhere for you,

So reach forth into the arms of tomorrow, and some day, your dreams will come true.

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