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dont know where things are!!!!!please help!!!!!


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hi guys,


i have been in a few relationships and never found any long term happiness with previous suitors,but took it as it was even though i was seriously hurt twice.


i picked up and moved on sucessfully,of which made me happy within myself and sure of what i want,need and cherish in life.


i met my current girlfriend and had a good job beforehand also.


shes sociable and enjoys going out,and we have so much in common,we fell in love and made plans to spend our lives together.we were engaged at new years eve,as she had hoped would happen.



she is very distant right now and has backed off from me alone,despite me not having done anything.she now is only answering to txts i send and has cancelled our plans to move in together,engagement party,and any holidays we mite have booked.she is also going out constantly,and says she has personal problems she cant tell me about.


being hurt before,i would normally freak out,but i am giving her space and time,but how do i know where im meant to be,and whats to happen?she is a wonderful girl,and i feel that it may well be nothing but taking things slow,but i have to say,everything looks wrong at the moment,i dont want to over-react,but if we are in this together,it seems like im being left without consideration as to where the future we both wanted is up in flames?

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This sounds difficult. You are left without a say in what happens, and also your imagination is your only tool for guessing at what is going on.


My thoughts are that you should really let her know that you NEED input. You need to know what is going on with her, and you want to be a part of it. Or you need to be given a fair opportunity to extract yourself without just being tossed aside.


Communication is the key. Perhaps, if she is willing, it will work out.


Best wishes friend.

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