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Oral sex and the time of month


Oral sex and period:  

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  1. 1. Oral sex and period:

    • I'm male and have no problem giving while she is on her period.
    • I'm male and this is a definite no-no.
    • I'm male and have tried it. I didn't like it.
    • I'm female and I think it's completely normal to receive while on my period.
    • I'm female and wouldn't let him/her give me oral while on my period.
    • I'm female and have tried it. I didn't like it.

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I have went down on my GF while she was on her period BUT ONLY after she gets out of the shower and I usually don't go south of the clit. If she has taken a shower it smells a bit diff but not bad and like I said nothing below the clit so the taste is the same clean and pink.


Now sex while on her period is okie dokie by me, More lube and no condom. Gets a bit messy but nothing a towel wont take care of.


This is pretty much what my boyfriend does and I don't have a problem with it. He seems comfortable with it if I'm wearing a tampon and he stays "north," like you said. However, he is VERY uncomfortable having sex while I have my period.

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So I'm noticing that the guys who are doing this are doing a "modified oral" -- around the center of things, sticking to the clit, after a shower, making sure not to go straight to the mouth of the cave, using a diva cup....so, it's not a full on Dracula event, 'tappears.


I think the only guys that count here are the ones who'll go at it like it's just any other day, only willing to get a blood mustache.

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Oh KG makes it seem really simple though. I don't use tampons but I mean they are supposed to stop anything leaking out..


And isn't that funny since it's the guy that has to deal with it? heheheh

Haha this is what I noticed too.

some one enlighten me please, you mean like the first days of period when there is a lot of blood or last days when there is a lot less. my answer would depend on that


For me I would only think about it the last days (since I wear pads). The first days even sex is out for me. I hate the whole cramping feeling I get and constant stuff gushing out.

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I am not a vampire.


LMAO. Quote of the day, as far as I am concerned! I gotta agree with you there...it doesn't sound like fun to be the guy in this situation...I would kind of be grossed out. I realize periods are natural and all that, after all I am a woman and there is nothing wrong with the period, but the thought of putting one's mouth there...eww.

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Not for me. When I'm on my period, there is no touching of any kind that is going to be happening down there. I'm just not comfortable with it. Have never asked my bf if he would be OK with it because I already know I wouldn't.


yeah same here, it kind of grosses me out and turns me off. even RIGHT after my period, when it's just ending, if i have sex it's really painful. the only thing that happens during my period is giving my bf a lot of oral.

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Oh KG makes it seem really simple though. I don't use tampons but I mean they are supposed to stop anything leaking out..


I use tampons. They can (and do often) leak, especially when I am on my heavy days. Even when I just put in the tampon recently (for me, they leak immediately after I put them in-- a teeny bit only, even though I am certain by now I am putting them in correctly and far enough in--still doesn't prevent leaking---it's teeny but still noticeable, esp in this context--and then a lot after a couple hours) I suppose this could work at the tail-end of a period...at that point, leaking is very unlikely.

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