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Myspace macking


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Has anyone ever hooked up with someone they browsed on myspace? What kind of game did you throw down? I have friends that have done this a couple dozen times yet I can't get a single one!


Free booze is a good start, just like any singles situation. I'm sure you can imagine other things that might entice young women into dropping by your house as opposed to the guy down the streets. Cuz that's really all you have to accomplish...

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Did once, turned into a three year relationship. We had things in common, i struck up a convo, asked her to go to a sorority party with me and my friends. Shes been the only one though, other girls just seem to not be responsive to it anymore, too many guys try it and girls become immune to it, imo.

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I had bad experiences with myspace. I think I'll just stick to finding some OFFLINE. It seemed like all the dudes I met on there were only interested in one night stands and sex..


same here. or other similar sites. if u think about it, they're really just basing their so called interest in you off your pictures and what u write about urself.

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