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I left Him but im not sure if it was the best decision.


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I met my now ex boyfriend through facebook over two months ago. He lives at home while he is going to school with his family including his brother and his brother's grilfriend. My house is 6 hours from where i go to school and he goes to a school near me. He was great when we first met. He was always so kind and thoughful. I appreciated everything he did for me. I had just gotten out of a really bad relationship and I finally happy with someone who seemed to care.


Then one day I opened his phone. A number appeared with no name asking about who I was and stuff like that. I asked him about it and he explained that he had gotten out of a three year old relationship with a girl that was crazy. I told him I didnt like her texting and worse off him answering. I got really upset.


He wrote a text in front of me saying to her "I want nothing to do with you please leave me alone i have a new girlfriend. you need to move on." and he had me send it to her. So things seemed to back to the way they were.


A few weeks later I was looking through his phone and found a message in his sent message that read "we wont hang out then." I asked him who it was from he told me fron his friend steve. I knew he was lieing it was his ex's number. He told me he did it to "protect" me. I was still so hurt.


So he apologized for everything. I was still hurt but I didnt want to leave him quite yet. So then things got better again. His brother's girlfrined and I got along really well and things seemed so good. I went home for Thanksgiving and he was really upset I was gone and I really missed him. he told me how much he was falling for me and he loved me. It was the first time I was ever told from a boyfriend that he loved me. I was so happy.


So a few days later he was touching my hair and asked me if I would consider getting highlights. I said no i had them and didnt like them. He then said "Well I never had a blonde girlfriend or one with light eyes. I always wanted one" I was hurt I am brunette with brown eyes. that was just not nice.


So I left that night and didnt really say much to him. I guess he never realized how it had bothered me. So in two day we drove home which was a six hour car ride. He told me in the car "he never wanted to hurt me. and he really liked me" and all kinds of stuff like that. So then two hours go by and he asks me if it would be ok for him to go to a strip club. I was upset again.


So for a week we were fine we went to New York and some other places and had a good time. He left and when he got back he gradually stopped texting and calling. I got upset I just wanted to hear from him. In the mean time his brother's girlfriend asked me to come up for new years. something which he never did. so then i called him and talked to him about it and he was like one way i dont get to see you one way i get to see you all the time and the other way is a hassel. so then he gave me a hard time about coming.


i was mad and upset. so new years passes and he sends me a text that this relationship was too much of a committment. i was upset after this time and HE was the one to ask me out he suddenly didnt want me. i was hurt. it was then i went on myspace and saw his page which had been logged in three days prior saying he was looking for single ladies who wanted to have a good time. he left his phone number and facebook address. i finally broke.


i texted him and told him it was over he told me he never goes on myspace and if he does it is to add friend requests then sign off. i was still hurt how long does it take to delete it?! so i made myself single on facebook and removed him as a friend.


So I was to drive home the next day but a big storm was coming he texted me the next day "please be careful coming home the roads will be bad" i told him i would be going home tomorrow and thank. so the next day he texted me and asked if i got back ok. i said yes. he then said if i ever wanted to talk to let him knew he didnt want me to be mad at him. so i told him to get his stuff from my place. so he came to get his stuff the other day he said he was sorry and all i could do was shake my head i was so angry and hurt.


so then next night i tried to call him he didnt answer. i sent him a text and he said he was with a friend. i was upset. i sent him an angry text that said i hope he was happy with himself and who she is should treat him as bad as he deserves that he was a lieing bastard and he didnt know how to have a real relationship. I havent heard from him since his brother's girlfriend said she cried because she misses me around the house. and for two days i have heard nothing from either of them.


I am so upset and i dont knw what to do. Any advice is helpful.

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Yes, I actually think that leaving him was the best decision. This guy was not treating you right. His fluff words of love are irrelevant...his actions showed loud and clear what kind of a person he really is. You deserve better. Asking you to change you hair so he could have his fantasy girlfriend is ridiculous. This guy is immature.

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yea i found out that he was with a girl that night and they had some short lived romance in which she broke up with him three days prior to valentine's day. the whole thing just makes me depressed andd insecure. "everywhere i look everyone has someone else, I don't think anymone is looking for me." I am so sick of being alone and i watch other women who treat their boyfriends like * * * * and i do nothing like that and im the one who always gets the short end of the stick.

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