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How to tone up?


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Well I got my 6 pack by just doing excercises at home.


300 jumping jacks.


100 sideways leg lifts.


100 sideways leg kicks.


50 backwards leg lifts.


50 push ups.


50 sit ups.


50 leg ups while lying flat.


300 excercises with 3 lb weights for arms.


And I usualy go to the gym/jog once a week. As much as I can.


And eat healthy, lots of organic stuff.


You can do all of this and get a 6-pack without ever going to the gym! lol.

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Yeah her face looks like a horse to me but I want my butt, legs and stomach to look like hers haha


you have a bike? i know when i do intense bike sessions, within a week my waistline seriously has veins coming out. when i was really into bmx and tricks and stuff i was in really cut shape. granted i was a skinny twig then. lol

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Thanks Rose - yeah Im not looking to go to the gym LOL. I have a lot of things at home that can make my workout pretty good but maybe I'll be more motivated if I actually go to a gym...IDK yet.


Ghost - yup I have a bike, I am going bike riding with my SO this weekend and think it might be a daily thing for me after. Its good weather over here in Northern FL to ride a bike right now...not too cold and not to hot.

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