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She panicked when she saw me


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So after months of being ignored and no contact from a girl that claimed was "in love" with me, I ran into her on the bus on my way back from work. When she saw me she turned around as if she didnt see me. I approached and called her name very cheerfully and said its good to see you. She didn't say anything and turned her back to me. Not to cause any further public embarrassment to myself, I waited to get off the bus. I saw her and confronted her and asked whats wrong with her, and she started literally "running" away. Who does that? I didnt chase after because I would have looked like an attacker, but I was just left there stunned.


I understand why she couldn't be with me (committed to her boyfriend) but to run away like that is perplexing and embarrassing. I don't ever plan on contacting her ever again, even if I ever run into her, but can someone tell me what happened?

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Well perhaps she was worried that someone would see you talking to her and then somehow realize that there had been strong feelings there at some point. Maybe she is really worried about how being seen talking to you could affect her relationship. Or maybe she just can't handle emotionally-charged situations.

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I suspect that she ran because she felt cornered. She pretended not to see you but you still pressed the issue and called after her so she realized that her plan to ignore you hadn't worked and she did what she thought was the next logical thing because she really wasn't thinking straight.

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Hmmm...perplexing behavior.


I agree with the other posters that she didn't know what to do when she saw you, and when you kept trying to talk to her, she panicked and ran. Not particularly mature behavior, for sure, but at least you know where you stand with her, and the next time you see her, you can simply ignore her. Actually, I do like ghost's suggestion that you run away next time -- LOL!


I can't fathom any reason why she couldn't have simply said "Hi, " and left it at that, but...I guess we can't know what goes on in peoples' heads.

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Walking away and ignoring someone is one thing but running is just outright weird.




I just have to say, when reading through this thread I could visualize the situation, and tried to put myself into it. But it wasn't until the serial killer comment and this one pointing out how weird it was to run away that I started laughing out loud...


She ran away... poor thing... oh my!

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