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Im HOPELESS at flirting!!! what do i say??


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Ok so ... im a girl and into girls... (not that this makes any difference to my post)... the important thing here is... how do i flirt??? seriously, im SO bad at flirtinggggg, even with girls who i know may be bi or who are potentially being a little flirty with me..... i mean, im not bad at socializing or anything like that, i dont usually have toooo much of a problem with that... so... how on EARTH do you flirt?? what do you have to do/say to really get a girl to like you? Yea i know its odd because im a girl and in theory i should know haha but i dont, and it always happens to me that if im having a slightly flirty sort of interaction with a girl, i suddenly dont really know what else to say or i go a little blank OR USUALLy, in a defence kind of reaction, even if shes quite obviously being flirty (even if its just for fun), i automatically stop my own flirting with her because i always get this block and my mind starts saying saying: she'll probably turn out to be straight, shes probably straight, (even if its sometimes even been clear that she just canttt be straight)... or i think: yea, she just patted your thigh/leg... or she just held the look a little longer, but i shouldnt pat her leg or do the lingering look (even if she has done it) because my mind keeps telling me shell be straight and that she probably wont like it if i do this or that (things that maybe she herself is doing), but i dont dare to.


anyways, how do you flirt? how should i flirt?? and what kind of things do you say to flirt?? often i just get silly because i dont know how else to continue, OR i fall into the friendship thing, and by then, its too late to go back to 'flirting point'... how can i improve?? thanks!

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