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Need advice about my little family!


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First, at 7.5 years, he shouldn't be sleeping in his father's bed every night, just as a treat now and then, or watch TV in the bed with all of you, then get carried to his own bed to sleep.


The other problem you may have is that since you are just living with your partner and not married to him, they may not see your partnership as permanent, rather temporary. Or perhaps they don't approve of the live in situation in general and hence when their grandson is there don't want you sleeping together as they consider it a moral lapse. Lots of older generations do not approve of unmarried people living or sleeping together, and this may be their way of avoiding their grandson seeing his father sleeping with a woman he isn't married to.


There obviously needs to be more discussions between you and your partner on how things will be managed while his son is here. Perhap suggest 'popcorn nights' where you and the kids watch TV together in bed, but then you put both of them to bed when the movie is over.


Regarding how his parents treat your son, he can't make them love him, but htey should soften up over time. So i'd let that go for now, and focus on presenting a united front to the parents, showing them that you are indeed a couple, and you will not let them interfere in such things as where you sleep and who sleeps with whom and where.

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