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She Erased Herself... (Venting)


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I figured this would go here of all places.


The girl I'm talking about isn't a part of my family, but sometimes to me and my family, it felt like she was.


I dated this girl for close to three years, saw the best of times as well as the worst of times with her. I was with her when her mother passed away, she didn't take it well, and ever since that day she wasn't the same person. I always knew she was a different girl after the passing of her mother than she was when I fell in love with her, but I really did still love her, and I believed that all she needed after losign such a strong figure in her life was just some love and support, and I wanted to be there to give it to her unconditionally.


Fifteen months after her mother passed away, she broke up with me to date a man much older than her and who lives in England. I was crushed, and had a really tough time getting over her, she was my first everything, and I just couldn't get over her.


She made plans to fly out to England for Christmas to meet this man, and by time she left, I foudn that I was over her and falling in love with someone else.


She was supposed to be gone for two weeks... she was supposed to be back on New Years Day.


She still hasn't returned. I talk to her father every day, with her not in the house, it's my responsibility before and after school to watch her little sister. While talking to her father I found out a few things.


When the plans were made, she told her father she was visiting her relatives, he knew nothing of her boyfriend until mere weeks before she left. Also, she cleared out 18 years worth of savings from her bank account and dropped out of school. I talked to her cousin in England to find out what's going on, and she tells me that she was lied to by my ex... everybody was, she fooled everybody. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks...


She isn't coming back...


And I don't feel a thing toward her... I feel as though I've lost all feeling and emotion when it comes to this girl... and as good as it feels, I don't enjoy the feeling as I know I should be as disgusted with her as the rest of her friends and family are.


This is a sad day for a lot of people, especially her father who has no one else... how could someone be so selfish, and so heartless?

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