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Sexual tension between me and the boss


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I have worked at my place of employment for 6 months and from day 1 there has been major attraction going on between me and my boss. I am in my early twenties and he is only a couple years older than me. I am single but he has a girlfriend....we flirt all the time but i *dont think* he would cheat and I would never let anything happen either because I wouldnt do that to his girlfriend, I respect her. Lately the sexual tension between us has gotten really bad, there have been lots of other employees mentioning that they noticed we have a crush on each other. He has told me I have been on his mind a lot and he sure is on mine alot. There are problems with him and his girlfriend and I cant help but wonder if something is going to happen between us soon if they break up. Alls I know is that something has got to give.


He does flirt with other employees, although nowhere near the extent he flirts with me. Heres the problem: one of my best friends works there and she is smokin hot. She has a boyfriend and knows I have a huge crush on him. I can tell she is also attracted to him and flirts with him which, whatever, i can deal with that although i do get a bit jealous. Well tonight he invited us to his house minus his girlfriend. It would just be us 2 girls and him. Well I declined on going for a few reasons and figured my friend wouldnt go either if i didnt. well instead she went anyways and is alone with him drinking a few beers. when she told me she went anyways i got a bit mad and got a sharp pang of jealousy. i dont know why i feel like this, its frustrating. hes not my boyfriend, we will probly never be together, he has a girlfriend and she has a boyfriend not to mention shes one of my best friends. hes nothing to me but a friend and my boss but i cant help feeling jealous.


this is more just a rant than anything....but if you have anything to say about this i would like to hear it....

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Totally agree with this. I would say it is a good bet that your friend is now having sex with him. Perhaps he will subsequently ignore her or perhaps they will now both do disappearing acts at lunch, in the middle of the day etc. In other words, he might be getting a lot of action from your friend....isn't she the lucky one....to be used as a sperm receptacle by the boss! I would say that refusing to go to his place was a very very wise decision and that you have saved yourself from being the boss' plaything. Don't be surprised if your friend has most favoured status while you get the cold shoulder from him. Just focus on doing your job and doing it well and you will be so much better off than your friend in the long run. Do not be jealous of her...she is the foolish one.

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Sounds like he's dipping his pen in the company ink . . over and over again. It's one thing for co-workers to engage in a relationship, but completely a different animal when there's a superior involved. He sounds like really bad news and I'm surprised he hasn't been fired yet.

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Count your lucky stars that your friend may end up with him instead of you. He has a girlfriend that he is clearly cheating on and to even think that you could have him to yourself is ridiculous because he would certainly be dipping his pen in someone else's ink.


Personally, he sounds like swine.

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