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Breakup over distance


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I have been talking to this girl online for a while and finally met her over my 2 weeks Christmas vacation. When I was going over there to meet her(another country) we both think it'd be interesting to meet up and maybe have a quick fling.


When we met up we immediately clicked and before we know it, my vacation was over. Over that time she had cried once and asked if I think we'd see each other again. On the last day she became very quiet and sent me off. I invited her to come to US for two weeks visit and she accepted. We constantly half joked about she moving here and die old together.


I got back and we chatted online until she got offline. An hour later I receive an email telling me the saturation is screwed up because we live in different countries. She'd never move here and I'd never move there. She missed me and she refuse to turn into a girl crying over a guy. She had to stop talking to me to feel better. I told her I'd respect her wish. She never replied and had stopped going online.


It's only been three days and I miss her so terribly. She gave everything she had to me and was completely sincere. I never propose but did mention if I could change her mind about getting married(she doesn't believe in marriage) in my last email. Her mom got married after knowing a guy for a month and it worked out well, before anyone says it's stupid to want to marry someone I have only met in person for two weeks. I have never been with anyone so sincere.


I have been acting strong, telling her I miss her very much but played it light in my last email. What should I do now? Break my promise and tell her how I feel or keep my promise and leave her along? I still have a little hope that she'd change her mind.

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I vote for leaving her alone.


It's just plain unrealisitic. You've only known her for two weeks. You have no idea what kind of compatibility you have.


The long distance relationship allows us to create a fantasy person and a fantasy relationship (I know, I am in one). Remember where the boundaries are and who you are truly dating. Don't allow your mind to run away with the ideas of love and attraction.

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