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Confidence and My social life


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There are few things that I have to get off my chest before my mind explodes in my skull.


A while ago - in fact a short while ago as early as a few months - I was the type of person that didn't have a problem making friends, striking up stimulating conversation and, in general, being an overall charismatic person who enjoyed the company of others. I like being that person and have found happiness in being able to make new friends and feeling confident. Heck, with such a personality, I seemed to earn much in the way of creating


But now with the coming of the second semester of this school year, I feel enitrely different; I feeling like I've retracted from being social and taken a step back from feeling good about myself. Much of my time is less being social and more being good student. I've neglected my social well-being and my friendships with those close to me and I've spent hours just studying, reading and making notes from textbooks. I hardly go out of my house and have fun. The nights alone have made me feel like an apparition now: there, but not there; like as though I'm seen now and again, but never really proven to materially exist.


The last few days have me very worried. I've had trouble speaking - forming words in a style that is cogent enough to be understood. I feel crushingly shy around people. I'm just NOT the social butterfly I used to be.


I don't know ... I feel ... different ... I don't know why.

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only one way to cure this, gotta find a balance between study and social life. Its not healthy to go overboard on one and neglect the other. Trust me you can still be a good student and have a good time as well. Just get out a little more, maybe have a few beers to make you feel less shy but not too many to make you foolish and see friends and just enjoy yourself. Eventually you'll be back to the old you.

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Hi mate..Your problem is you are tired!! yes..tired. You see you need energy to be at your peak. I think you need a break and chill out for a bit.Then you will notice your enthusiasm skyrocket. I am like you..I can walk into a big office..put on a smile and before you know the good vibes are bouncing back at me with smiles and laughter throughout the previously boring office space. People walk past me with smiles and try to make direct eye contact


Time for time out champ..I was studying law for a semester here and then gave it up due to the massive commitment.I was drained..tired and mentally became a bit of a recluse. Dont let it worry you..take some time off away to regenerate and I guarantee you will get the power back..you know what I mean...

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