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The cute and funny things our pets do...


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One of my cats purrs when he's fighting another cat or if I play fight with him. Never heard a cat purr when they fight. It's cute.


purring doesn't always mean they're happy, people still don't know why cats do it.


Cats purr when they are nervous and scared to calm themselves. It's very soothing to them, so they try to comfort themselves when nervous or scared. A couple of my kitties purr when we go to the vet. They are scared out their minds and trying to calm themselves down.

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i got upset about something a year ago and went to the stables where i board my horse and just cried. she got up and nudged my arm away from my face as if to say...

"Get over it!"

lol, just kidding. i think she was cuddling with me.

it hasnt happened since.

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Leeluu brings me a toy and holds it out for me to grab it, but when I reach out, she turns away. If I put my hand down, she reaches out again for me to grab it. It's like a game to her. She's so mean!


But when I do the same to her (snatch the toy away when she reaches for it), she gets so angry!

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My baby girl was called Bliss (RIP), she was just the gentelest most sweetest cat to anyone, but also a complete and utter tart, whenever she was bored of you giving her attention she'd go find someone else who could do give it to her, but i do remember her crawling on the back of the sofa and like brushing my hair with her claws and biting it, I dont know if she didnt want me to go out with messy hair or something. lol

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My new fella that we rescued from near death at two weeks old has recently become obsessed with bath bubbles. When I am taking a bath he attacks them with his paws and licks them off. So cute


My littler kitty does the exact same thing! She'll perch on the edge of the tub, swipe at the bubbles, and if she gets too many on her paw, she'll freak out and fling them off. Sometimes she'll accidentally dip too deep and get her paw all wet, and then she *really* gets crabby. Then I tell her "see? You know there's water under there. HOW many times have you done this?"

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Oh--and whenever I'm trying to read a book or magazine in bed, the littler kitty will crawl onto my chest right in front of the book and plop down. If I try to gently move her, she'll jump right back, and if I try to move the book, she'll scootch over or sit up so she's still in the way. She wants me to pay attention to HER, not the book!


My bigger kitty is pretty roly-poly, and whenever he goes to lie down, he'll fling his butt down first, then his front half, and sigh happily. We call it the Tumble.

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This thread makes me so happy!

My friend went on vacation for a few weeks so I took care of her little dog while she was away. The little dog is so cute! When I'd leave the house, he would sit near the window and wait for me to come home. He would just sit and wait and wait. When I come home I can see his cute little face staring out the window.

Also when I'm laying in bed, he'll bark at anyone that tries to go near my room as if to say ''go away! my master is sleeping!'' ..but the barks would wake me..haha.. He wouldn't bark if i was sitting..only if i was laying

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One of my dogs does what I call 'the poo dance'


If I let him out into the garden and he does a poo, he gallops (well, as much as a stocky, bowlegged dog can gallop) into the kitchen, skips round the table three times (always three times) and then bounces at my feet. This only occurs when it's a poo, never a wee It's like he's proud of himself. He's very strange........

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When it gets late my ducks will sit near the back door waiting for me to put them to bed. As soon as I open the door they'll stand up and start quairping (quacking crossed with chirping as they cant quack properly yet) then they'll follow me to their cage and walk in once I open it up Then I'll just pick the cage up, take em into the garage and put a blanket over the cage so it's nice and warm for them.

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