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The story of s and j

Sweet Venus

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I wasn't sure how to titLE this because it's not actually MY situation..but it's

funny how things work out with dating.


I work with a girl. I'll call her S.

S. is extremely nice, kinda quiet, divorced mother of two.

She works hard. She hasn't had much luck with love.


Although she's been married, she has also had a long time

love interest who we will call J. J is not very good b/f material.

But S.loves him and has for a very long time. Since they were

teenagers in fact. He will disappear for weeks. Not calling her, and when

he does he blocks his number so she doesn't know where he is. He will reappear, call her and she will come running. He knows he has S. wrapped around his finger....


S. knows J. had a "fling" with another woman in another state during one

of his disappearing acts. he told her about it...that is was "nothing" that they are just "friends'. S. accepts it but is no fool. Yet she still loves J. despite all this. So J. disappears again one day. Telling S. he left the state and needs to get his life together. So he's gone again.


Weeks later..S. gets a call from J in the middle of the night to come see him at a local bar. She goes. They have some "fun" in the car...she drops him off.

Few days later S. is driving with her kids and she spots J. walking with a pizza in his hand. She parks and watches him. He goes inside a store.

She goes inside and finds him giving pizza to the girl working there. It's his out of state "fling". She confronts him. Turns out he never even left the state..he is living with her. Ok...S. has had enough.


S. begins dating a real nice guy immediately after. He is great. Takes her out, is nice to her, is reliable. S is not used to this but is liking it....since she dumped J out of her life she is happy again. But suddenly J is calling her again..and again and again and again. She has not responded to one of his attempts at contact since the confrontation. She let him go be with the other girl, why is he bothering her???


Anyway...No real point for this story...just goes to show how

throwing away someone who truly loves you will come back and bite you in the * * * * ..LOL I hope J is learning a real hard lesson.

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