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I had A nightmare? First one in over 10 years...


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I had a.. nightmare I guess?


My dream was--meeting him [The guy I am currently speaking to] for the first time at a party. His ex was there but as a friend. He introduced us and I didn't like her so I called him and left him a voice mail about how I felt about her. In my dream she was overweight and had dark brown nappy curly hair and she...stinked? I forget the words I used but in the voicemail I told him something like.. I thought she was disgusting and rude and she wasn't nice. I just didn't like her. Then a few moments later he bumped into me at the party and had this hateful/upset look on his face and said 'So I am dishonest and..' I don't remember to words. But what I said about his ex he said I said about HIM. I tried to correct him but he walked away. I almost started to cry. I went home and I was downstairs in my old bedroom. My ex was there was there and wanted to talk.


We talked but he started talking about getting back together and I kept telling him it was not going to happen. He wouldn't accept it and next thing you know I'm yelling I DON'T WANT TO BE WITH YOU and I picked up this white metal shelving unit and smashed it.. then I woke up..


I woke up.. my heart was racing. I felt panicky..


What does this mean? I'm so confused..


I have not woken up from a bad dream in SO long..

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It's just a bad dream, forget about it. As for the meaning of it, well only you can make sense of that. Are you nervous about your ex trying to get back into your life? Do you not think he accepts it's over. Do soemthing psotive over the next few days to take your mind off this dream and hopefully you won't have another one like it.

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