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has anyone successfully gotten back together?


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hi. i broke up with my ex last year, and since then - we've randomly talked here and there. she moved not too far, got her own place and goes to school. i stayed at home, buried beneath bills, trying to find out what my next move is. i haven't really been dating, but i have been open. i occasionally hung out with girls through friends, let them know i was interested and they were all unsuccessful. i can say that i haven't met anyone like my ex. all these girls i was sort of interested in, i never really was into. they were nice but i always shut them out of my life for some reason. i'd be close to them, but i would never really be into them.


anyway. i'm making this post because just tonight, i talked to my ex. we had a nice phone conversation. we caught up and talked about what has been going on in our lives. the reason we broke up is because i was emotionally immature. and would react negatively about a lot of things. and she broke up with me right before she moved out and got her own place. i can say now that i've definitely changed. we talked for awhile and me and her haven't been in a relationship since we broke up. i invited her to come out to a show with me next month in the city. she was pretty excited. so now the conversation has got me thinking. could it be possible that a couple breaks up, realizes that they could never be as happy as they were before, and get back together? for good? i'm not jumping ahead and expecting us to get back together at all. the last thing i want is for me to feel one way and have her feel the other way. i know i can move on without her, but i just feel we have a history. we get along, we have the same sense of humor. we're into the same things and i really do miss her sometimes. i know there's a lot of people out there in the world, and that it's possible i could be happy with someone else - but i'm a hopeless romantice at heart. and for some reason, i just find myself not feeling the same way. i don't know. we'll see what happen. but not letting loneliness mess up my judgement and make me desperate, i kept our conversation in a friendly manner.


but just out of curiosity, i was just wondering if anyone out there has a successful story with an ex. is it possible that a couple just needed time to change and develop?


sorry for the rambling, but you guys are great. i always come here for some great feedback!



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You know what...right now i just hope that my ex is thinking exactly the same as you...as i am missing him right now.

we broke up about 3 weeks from now...absolutely no contact for 3 whole days now...of course before that we had no contacts for a while too but resume contact through a church event


I've decided to move on...because it was him who broke up with me and I really can't do anything about it...except just move on and improve myself. If he ever regret breaking up...the ball is in his court. But I think I will eventually move on, without hoping too much that he will change. It's so sad sometimes but if he would reflect on himself, his immaturity as you, and changes he needed to make...i'd be just so glad for him. at least it's more respectful to our relationship that way. Sometimes I feel even ashamed that you love someone so much but just got rejected like that. I mean my case.

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