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ok well we are both highschoolers who are both outgoing but ive never been in a real relationship and im pretty sure she hasnt either. i know i like her but im not sure if she does back. i have a good feeling that she does but im just really nervous because of what would happen if i asked her out and she said no. we have three of eight classes together and homeroom so it would be pretty awkward.


but anyways i think she like me because she seems to enjoy talking to me and almost makes it a point to talk to me sometimes. she told me about a dream she had in which i was involved in. a pretty strange dream but a dream none the less. a friend of hers predicted that we would go to prom together. a close friend of the both of us got it out of me that i like her and said that were 'cute together.' we also have sooo many things in common like we play the same sports, we take the same classes, same personality, we live right down the street from eachother and we both have good senses of humor. also a lot of her best friends will prank call me. and one time i went over her house to pick her up to hang out and she told me to just go inside because nobody was home and we just chilled for a few hours.


So i have absolutely no idea if that last paragraph means anything at all and im so afraid that if i make a move then it will make the rest of this school year hell and i also am aware that if i dont do anything then any chance of a relationship will deteriorate and i will lose out.


anyways what should i do and how? any and all help is SO greatly appreciated

im actually losing sleep over this

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Hello. Of course it all seems to be saying she really likes you BUT the only way to know is asking.


Let's imagine a catastrophic scenario so we can get that out of the way, she says "no / I don't like you in that way / I don't want to lose our friendship" , you let her know it's all good and the next day you can carry on acting the same way you have been, it doesn't has to be awkward from then on if you keep being yourself.


You can try to test the waters before asking her out to minimize the possibilities of her saying no, perhaps you could ask if she has seen a certain movie or if there's one she thinks could be interesting and see her reaction. If it's not a movie you can ask about something you both like, as in "Have you ever been to ...?" or "I've been thinking about doing this after class/next Saturday" and take it from there.


Ask her this week, that way at least you'll be able to relax and sleep properly by the time the weekend is here.


Good luck.

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