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So, this is going to be a long post, and im sorry to anyone who wants to help but just doesn't feel like reading it all...


So, i'm 16 and ill be turning 17 in July. My boyfriend is 18, and will be turning 19 in August. I'm a sophomore, and he is a senior in HS. I'm a guy, he's a guy.


Neither of us are "out", and basically no one really knows, except for a select few people. We've been dating since Christmas time last year, so its been a year and a couple of weeks now. In the beginning of our relationship, it was great. I felt like he really loved me as everyday passed more and more. He would say I love you willingly and we would fight all the time, but we overlooked all the fights and moved on with our relationship. He's a swimmer, so he started swimming at the end of November-ish.


But anyway, I really noticed lately it seems like he doesn't really care about me and him anymore...It's hard to explain, but i'll try. He recently got accepted to Tampa Uni., which is his dream college in Florida, and he always wanted to go to college in Fl., but we live in NJ. So that sparked a problem for me right away when I found this out sometime in the middle of our relationship, but just kind of pushed it aside and let it be. Now that the time is getting closer and closer and he has to make a decision on where he wants to go, it seems he doesn't care about me anymore. He wont say I love you without me saying it and basically making him say it back, and he never really wants to come see me after school and on weekends and stuff when he ISN'T busy with swimming, which is very rare. We used to spend every moment possible together, without me even asking, but now I basically have to beg, and its just making me really upset. I dont know what to do, sometimes I feel like I should just get ready to be dumped because that's the way it feels like its going.


He's never been in a "real" relationship like this, and neither have I, were both each others first "true" loves. I dont know if he's acting like this because he's stressed out with swim season and I'm just adding to the stress, or if he really feels the way I think he does...I try to sit down and talk to him, but it never works because he doesn't want to talk about any of that stuff...I'm not really explaining everything, because there is so much, but if you guys need more info, let me know, and ill try to sum it up more for you...I just dont know what to do, I really love him, and I feel like I am the only one trying to make this work...



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It's just really hard to think stuff like that sometimes because he acts like he doesn't want to leave and he'll be so loving and caring sometimes and so nice and , well, like how he used to be all the time, except this is only once in awhile. It's really hard to explain and make you understand...So im sorry if im making this confusing for you

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