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Better for her, worse for me ?

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It was virtually mutual, but she ran off immediately to an ex (she's basically a golddigger and I wouldn't marry her on her time scale to bail her out of debt..I don't know if he will).


So, I started with another woman, but after two weeks I backed away...too much sadness. Several other brief encounters, but I just can't do it. I am in increasing pain and sorrow.


She on the other hand, I don't know.


There was some depth to our relationship..there was a bond. Can some people just suppress the feelings more than others? Can some people carry ona new relationship and paint over the old while others simply can't ?


God I miss her.

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people willl hide how they feel,


i mean from my ex's eyes, she would have thought i didnt care about her. she broke up with me, 4 days later i slept with someone else. and then she asked if i had moved on etc. i said yeah i was with someone.


she must have thought the worst of me... (but in reality, that was the only regret i have in my life to date. other than attempting a Do it Yourself install of power windows lol. - fail)


so what im trying to say is that i think everyone reacts differently to break ups. not all of the actions are thought through. And mine at least wasnt the way "real me" would act.

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the hardest thing about a breakup is that sometimes you never get the answers you want about why your loved one did or does what he/she did.


some people learn from the sad moments of their lives. those are the people who do the work of thinking and feeling and grieving about the loss. and then next time, they will do and know better in a relationship.


some people can't deal with that pain and sadness so it's easier for them to just brush off what happened and not deal with it..... those people will make the same mistakes over and over again and never find what they are looking for.


i am so sorry you have to go through such pain. hang in there.

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