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I dont know my girlfriend...


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Im a 12 year old boy, and my girlfriend and I, had our first kiss (witch was my first kiss ive ever had) and I feel like i dont know her, like when I start talking to her, we feel awkward for some reason and when i try talking to her she ends it. Like if I say how are you doing? she would say "good..." and then I would say what have you been doing lately? And she would say "nothing much.." trying to bring up more subjects and she just ends them all with one or two word sentences. Since she was my first kiss, i want to try and know her more. Can anyone help me?

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I'm sure she feels shy and maybe uncomfortable. Maybe instead of talking you could find something to do together? Like sign up for a school project together or play a game.


Also, maybe you can ask her friends about her. Be very nice to her friends, cuz if they like you, she will feel more comfortable.


Hope that helped.

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