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How do I get this guy to ask me out?


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Lately I've had one bad after the next and it's really frustrating. I went out on a date last night with this guy who couldn't seem to be able to keep his hands to himself. He didn't seem to understand what the word stop means. Obviously there's not going to be a second date.


But how do I get a guy that I want to ask me out? I definitely don't want to be the one who makes the first move.


I had a class with him last semester, we studied together for the exams and the final but didn't hang out outside of that. We always talked more than we studied. There was lots of laughter and conversations. We always had dinner during the study sessions since they usually lasted all day and he always paid. But I know that that doesn't really mean anything.


I ran into him yesterday on campus and we chatted for a while about winter break, then we went our separate ways.


But anyways, how do i get him to ask me out? or at least to know that I'm interested in more than just friendship.


I don't know when or even if I'm ever going to run into again because we don't have any classes in common this semester. But I do have his number

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My .02 cents.


this is actually pretty easy if he has any interest in you.


What I would do is try to run into him again and if you can't just call him up for a friendly coffee or something or to ask him hw questions (whatever) and when you do, slowly escalate the attraction.. not right away but gradually.. make more and more eye contact with him, tilt your head when your talking to him, do the face triangle (look at his eyes, then lips, then back to his eyes), start touching him arm and so, complimenting him more, take the convo to the next level by making an inappropriate or sexually suggestive joke. If he has any interest in you at all, he should pick up on this eventually


I have gotten many times out of the "are we in the friends category or not" this way, although it may take some time.


Then if or when he finally makes his move, just be like.. oh, I thought we were friends.. I only kiss guys after the first date or something, and he'll ask you out. I think its much safer than just plain blurting it out.

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"When are we gonna hang out." in a cute, inquistive, kinda shy voice.



Makes me wanna hang with a girl when im single. Whether im attracted to her or not, she may become a cutie after talking and laughing for a while.


i like the hang out saying. but you have to flirt OP. there is no for sure way to get someone to ask you out.


You're in college. You dont "date" you hang out ie watching a movie together, get dinner together at the cafeteria etc...



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You could always suggest a study session? Just because you aren't in any of the same classes doesn't mean you can't meet up at a coffee shop somewhere and study. I assume you both will have work to do. This way it's still casual, but it is letting him know you want to see him outside of class.

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even though you said you don't want to make the first move, you can still do it without coming off aggressive:


you're in college...there are probably lots of group activities that are mildly interesting. i assume you have this boys contact info either from your previous study-sessions or Facebook/MySpace. Pick an event that lots of people will go to, even if its not your cup of tea. first invite a bunch of your friends so you have a "crew" to support you...you will also feel more at ease. then invite him. now you have an activity together that should be fun and you will have your friends for support.


i'm a guy, we're not dumb...if you do this, i will get the hint that you want to hang out with me even though we're not in class together anymore. if i don't ever ask you to do something in return, or i don't even bother to say thank you...i'm not interested in being friends anymore...we were study-buddies, thanks for helping me pass the class

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