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I had my tonsils out 6 and a half days ago and I'm in so much pain I don't know what to do I was wondering if anyone who has had their tonsils out has any advice.


I am 21 years old and have been told that recovery from adult tonsillectomy is a million times more lengthy and painful than in children but I'm in so much pain I can't take it anymore! It's been almost 7 days of constant pain. I would rather go through childbirth than this.


Painkillers help but only just after I've taken them. They wear off and then I'm in agony again. I always eat just after I've taken painkillers and it's so far only been things like jelly, fruit salad, mashed potato, mashed up lasagne. I'm drinking HEAPS! I'm also chewing gum which someone suggested and surprising helps produce saliva and loosen muscles and ease pain. But the worst thing is I CANNOT SLEEP!!! I have had 6 sleepless nights and this coupled with hardly any food intake means I am so weak and exhausted.


I need help. Is this kind of immense pain normal for adult tonsillectomy? Does anybody have any advice or tips? When can I expect to not be in pain anymore??!!!

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I had worse honey -- I had my right tonsil get infected and did nothing about it for DAYS as I have no health insurance. It got so bad I could not swallow, and my partner dragged me out of bed and FORCED me to the ER. Here they don't do tonsilletomies routinely. So they sent me home with a rotten tonsil and the antibiotics made me sick.


I have had other surgeries too -- and trust me, the first day is always the worst. If you can get through this day, it will be better tomorrow. Don't be a martyr either -- take your painkillers! (Not saying you are, but some people do that!) Two days from now, the pain will be nothing compared to today.


Stay strong -- you will make it....!

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I have had my taken out along with my adnoids when I was 13 and I remember that the pain lasted for awhile but not for long and that it was like having a sore thoat for awhile. But, it will go away though and as long has you keep taking the medications that doctor has given you when your suppose to. If the pain stays longer then what the doctor has said definitly follow up with you doctor. But, You will be fine and don't worry it will go away! Just stay strong!

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I have had other surgeries too -- and trust me, the first day is always the worst. If you can get through this day, it will be better tomorrow. Don't be a martyr either -- take your painkillers! (Not saying you are, but some people do that!) Two days from now, the pain will be nothing compared to today.


The first day was actually the best, painless day. It's just gotten worse since then. Each day is more and more horrible! I've had about 7 different surgeries in my life but nothing compares to this.


I just can't believe it's been a whole week since the surgery and I'm still in so much pain. If only I could sleep or eat and get stronger.

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i had mine out in june. i was 26. i was soooooooooooooo scared bc everyone said how horrific it was. it really wasnt bad at all. so i cant help you much, but things i did...


i got a humidifier to keep my throat moist

absolutely no dairy products

drank tons of water/gatorade

slept elevated

put ice packs on my throat... so soothing


i had no major issues sleeping or eating really. pain killers do NOTHING for me, but they would make me a lil sleepy. i def recommend taking lots of short naps (or trying to) bc it hurts more after i woke up from a long sleep. maybe take some OTC sleeping aids?


when i had mine out i had minor pain until day 3 then day 3-6 was moderate and then it went back to mild. the worst part was being stuck in the house and sounding like a deaf girl when i spoke hahah.


good luck and i hope you feel better!

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I am so envious! To say my experience has been horrific would be an understatement.


Day 1: Was great - moderate pain, but tolerable.

Day 2: Started vomiting up blood and all sorts of crap. Would throw up every 1-2 hours and couldn't keep anything down - not even pain meds.

Day 3: Vomiting continued.

Day 4: Had to go back to hospital and go on IV fluids because of the vomiting.

Day 5: Vomiting ceased, but throat pain excruciating. Had to stop myself from not taking too many pain meds.

Day 6: Excruciating pain continues. Counting down to every hour where I am allowed to take more paracetamol.

Day 7: Excruciating pain continues. Haven't slept in forever. I'm over it!


Ugh I guess I just have to be patient. Thanks for the advice anyway, I will try all of your suggestions. This has been the worst experience of my life

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Wow your story sounds familiar to my 3 year olds.


He had his removed in December and started throwing up blood and ended up in the hospital for a few days after his surgery and like I said earlier it took him nearly 2 weeks before he was able to eat ANY solid food whatsoever even mashed potatoes was hard for him to swallow without being in a ton of pain. Stick to cold foods, popsicles and things like that to help ease the pain and be sure to keep hydrated the worst thing is letting your throat get too dry.


Hope you start feeling better soon!


Also if your meds say take them every 4 hours take them every 3 1/2 so you are keeping meds in your system.

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what type of procedure did you have? i had cauterization, i think they told my mom i lost about a teaspoon of blood during the procedure and that my tonsils were gigantic..


when i got out of surgery i had zero pain, actually zero pain that whole day. i ate an ice pop about 1 minute after i woke up from the surgery. i think i ate a sandwhich that afternoon. of course the next day was a lil worse and then it got moderately bad on day 3/4. people also said how painful it would be when the scabs came off but i felt nothing...


maybe the type of removal you have makes a difference? i hate to tell you how easy my surgery was when you are in so much pain! i feel for you, but just think, it will get better


it did hurt to yawn for about three months after the surgery though... that was odd.

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^ Yeah I guess the situation differs from person to person, hey! I'm not sure what kind of procedure my surgeon undertook. I've heard cauterization is great because it stops bleeding and thus blood running down into the throat and being vomited back up like what happened to me. But they also told me that my tonsils were gigantic and full of junk!


Thanks for the advice though I guess I just have to accept the pain and be patient!

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