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having trouble decide at the movies


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hey im Max im 16, 17 in april and see im going to the movies with my girl on saturday and she want to kiss me but the thing that im embarrrased about is the fact that ive never kissed any girl before.i really need help with this! i like her but shes also my first girlfriend and shes want me to finger her but i dont know how or wat to do. HELP!!

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This is the best I could find


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On tips how to kiss. It generally comes naturally. Just try not to stick your tongue down her throat or dribble on her and you'll be fine, really!!


Also about the fingering thing, you shouldnt do it just because she wants you to, you have to be ready, and your quite young.

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When I was younger and first kissed a girl, I felt awkward, didnt know what I was doing ETC ETC. Trust me, if you really like her and she really likes you, the kiss will come naturally, just dont rush in and try to Not over do it, that crap you see in movies is just that Crap. Just start slow, and get comfortable with the feeling of her lips touching yours.


Some hopefully helpful tips

1. Brush your teeth and use mouthwash Before the date

2. if you are planning on eating somewhere get some gum or something to "Clear" your breath and dont eat anything like Onion, Garlic ETC something with a STRONG smell.

3. before you kiss her wet your lips just a lil, don't over do it

4. Swallow, make sure your mouth isn't full of spit to keep from drooling on her

5 RELAX ITS JUST A KISS! Enjoy it, the feeling of a woman's lips is something to relish and enjoy. if she likes you and you do foul up a bit she prob wont care.

6. RELAX, RELAX RELAX cant say that one enough. loosen up your lips dont go in all hard lipped.

7. Enjoy


As far as her wanting you to finger her, Well that's a diff subject.If you are not ready for that don't be pressured into it. as said above you need to be ready for that.


If you are ready


1.Let her make the first move or look for some kind of tell tale sign that she is ready for you to do this.

2. RELAX I know this is kinda hard to do but try.

3. Don't be in a rush to shove your hand down her pants, move slowly, it will make her want you to do it more and heighten the experience for her. Move your hand down her stomach and into her pants slowly till you reach her privates.


Never stopped and thought about making an instruction manual to play with a girls vagina before this isn't easy.


4. Use your middle 3 fingers and rub the top of her vagina Softly with a little pressure, pay attention to her reactions, you will know when your doing it like she wants you to. If all else fails whisper to her and ask if that feels good, be smooth about it.

5. you will feel a little round "Ball" or "Nub" this will be her Clitoris, it is VERY sensitive, rub it and around it and I promise you she will like it.

6. If she tries to help you LET HER don't feel embarrassed, take mental notes on what she likes for future reference.



You will get better with more experience so if you feel you are doing it wrong or she doesnt seem enthused, dont worry, its your first time. Im not sure about your GF sexual experience, but if she has some learn from her, figure out her likes and dis-likes pleasing a woman is not that hard no matter what some may tell you. They have sexual feelings and desires just like men do.


I prob left out some simple things to keep in mind and if I did hopefully someone else will add to it. Good luck on your date and remember RELAX, ENJOY and dont do something your not ready for, you are young and there will be plenty of time for that kind of stuff later on down the road.


Hope this helps.

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dude i say go for it....odds are what ever you do will be fine and shell give u some guidance to get even better but first with the kiss ya just relax and go for it...limit your tongue use in the beginning but basically as you get more into it you might be surprised how natural it comes to you. Big part is what to do with your hands i personally like taking at least one to the back of the head with fingers going into her hair kind of like cradling her head and the other hand well as we get warmed up works to other parts of the body. As far as the fingering go slowly...the whole thing here is about the tease...the escalation...dont go right for it until shes begging for it and the trick is to stimulate her clitoris which is basically when you think of where the vagina starts its right at the top. Itll kinda feel like a little hard spot like the size of a BB or so and thats what you got to go for but generally just stick to the top portion and work your way around go down up in but always work back to the clit.

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ok ill remember all that and make sure that im RELAXED. the thing is her mom is also going to be there!


**Insert stopping car tire squeal sound here**


WOAH...when you say her mom is going to be there at the movies with you are we talking she is dropping you two off or "Hey mom pass the popcorn".


I would say that if mom is going to be there all bets are off as far as more than holding hands.


Here is the thing....NO MATTER how old the girl is no mom or dad EVER wants to hear, see, think or suspect that anyone is getting into their little girls pants.


Now if mom is just dropping you off then, game on. If she is going to be in the theater with you no matter where she is sitting (trust me she will see you and be watching) I would say abort the whole making out and fingering escapade. Wait till you and her are alone AWAY from prying eyes ESPECIALLY if those eyes belong to a parent or sibling.


Now this is just my advise take it how you will..


hope this helps

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