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Did moving out improve your life?


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I've been trying to improve my life over the past year, everything from a psychologist to finding new hobbies and practicing ways to improve my self confidence. I feel maybe a bit happier at most, but I feel kinda locked into my situation.


I'll be graduating with ~3.7 GPA in May, not really sure where I am going to go yet. I feel like a lot of my problems stem from my parents, and while they are supportive, I feel a huge urge to move out once college comes. I just am so worried about being completely independent like that, although I know it might just be what I need.


For those of you who have moved out, what is the best way I should prepare myself?


I was going to try to find an apartment that looked worthwhile with my friend as my roommate, and also find a job within that area. I only have $3,000 saved up right now, and I don't think I'll have a car by then but a bike most likely.


The only reason I am really hesitating this is because if I continue living at home I can continue going to the gym, not have to invest in a new (electric) drumset for fear of neighbors complaining, and it will be an easier transition/cheaper.


But I almost kind of feel like I need to get away from my parents. Like I said, they're supportive, but I just need some independence and like many of you probably felt, I just can barely stand them anymore.


I really can't decide between what I should do.

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i highly recommend it...seriously imperative that you do so although i advise moving into a half way situation like dorms first. Dorms for the most part consolidate your billing into one nice pretty package deal. If i were you and this is what i did was go dorms for your first 2 years of college...dorms also have some rules that help keep you in check as you transition to a more independent lifestyle. Your third year of college i recommend getting out on your own...with roommates... having roommates will help share the burden of both cost and responsibilities and do that for another 2 years. Where u go from there i cant really advise on but as of right now im living with a couple people post college to save up for a down payment on a house but getting out from under my parents even though like yours they were nothing but supportive but still not having to worry about them worrying was a huge relief for both them and myself.

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It helped me have more freedom but it sucks when you first move out to shop, cook, clean, pay rent or mortgage etc on your own. I miss my moms cooking lol & I definitely miss the time I spent with them as much as I complained about it.


I stayed until I was 25 & if I had to do it all over again, I would stay just as long as I did. Living on your own can be fun but it can be just as stressful - if not more. (depending on your finances)

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I moved out of my parent's house last year. I made the decision to move out when I was depressed a lot. I felt like the reason I was always down was because of my parents and if I just moved out I'd feel better.


So I moved out, and then I was lonely. I guess this could also be due to moving to a place where I didn't have any friends.


You said you're going to college right? Are you sure you can afford paying for school?

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Moving out can be a challenge and most likely you will go through a period of intense loneliness compounded by the stress of supporting oneself. On the flip side however, it can also be extremely rewarding.


It allows you to focus your life a bit and hone your personality a great amount. Living as an individual accountable only to yourself, you will come to know who you truly are. For me it has made me finally address a number of issues that had resided in the back of my mind which I finally decided to address.


On the downside though? Man do I miss Mom's cooking....*sigh*

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Like has been said, the freedom is great. I live alone and I absolutely love it, it can get a little lonely sometimes but I've always got my guitar to keep me company, god bless her.


Cooking for yourself every night and worrying about every little thing is a pain. There's a lot of stuff to buy, as well.

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