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I found my crush who I thought was straight on xtube!! Shocked!

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I'm very confused and a little excited at the same time. For those that don't know xtube is a porno site/hookup site for str8 and gay people. LOL yes I admit I was on there just looking around. Ok for awhile I've been liking this dude who I didn't know for sure who was str8 or gay. We go to church together & we did go to high school together and I always found him staring at me and vice versa. We've known each other since high school & that was 5 years ago since we graduated. The funny thing is we never talked but always shared eye contact. Anyway today I was browsing around profiles on xtube & was shocked to find out he has a profile on there. I'm sure it's him because he actually has a default picture with his face on his profile and his location is the exact place where we're located.


This is where the confusion sets in. I think it's confirmed that he likes me however, I'm a little scared to send a message on there and basically out myself to him. I also know that could be a little scary for him as well. Also, I'm a little put off that he would actually become a member of a hookup site that's geared for people meeting up for sexual hookups. I know I'm on there but it's just to look at the pornos lol. He has lots of friends in the area with dudes butt naked on his profile & I have to wonder if he's into the whole hooking up for sex thing, that's just not me. I'm more of a relationship oriented type of person. Even if we did get closer and get in a relationship.. I would have to wonder if he meeting dudes off there behind my back. Anyway I'm thinking too ahead of myself lol. I'm basically in the closet about my sexuality and even though I'm tempted to contact him on there.. I'm scared and not sure if it's a good idea..

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You're a member on the same site so to say you're going to be put off by someone who is also a member there is a bit hypocritical isn't it?


But that is besides the point, if you want to talk to him and ask whether he's gay/straight or just playing around with his sexuality i'd flirt with him and see how he reacts in person. I definitely wouldn't contact him through that website though.

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to be honest, i think for gay guys, we're more open to affairs, and guys screwing eachother behind their backs and so forth, just take a chance, and go for the fun run. i take it ur still young, and if i had the chance, i'd totally go for it. i mean, if ur scared that he'd do things behind ur back, just remember, he's totally at ur disposal, u can call it off when ur suspish

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