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Please help:Need some good advice transitioning to another job.

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Today, I received a written warning from my employer. Basically, it states I'm not doing my job the way I should. The thing is since my recent evaluation(which I got a good rating) I feel I haven't changed my behavior toward a downward path. I've felt unhappy and unfulfilled at my job,but I've tried to not show it.


The only change I have seen is one of the newer co-workers has made comments concerning me in front of customers at the desk area and pointed out things in a rude fashion. An example would be a few papers on the desk were slightly out of place. I think this is what brought this situation to their attention. What angers me is that this person has been doing this for the last couple months and today was the day I decided to give more 150% effort and to not give her a reason to complain.


I feel hurt and frustrated. I'm still trying to figure what has changed with my actions and how I conduct work so much to warrant this aside from this co-workers pointing out the few mistakes I have made. I have 30 days to improve. I am thankful not being fired out right,but I do not agree with this written warning.


I have been unhappy with my job for some time and now I feel that this would be a good time to improve at my current job and transition into something else. I haven't felt appreciated for my efforts. I guess aside from losing my job what worries me is I know the areas I need to improve on,but I don't see what I am doing exactly wrong. This whole situation is upsetting me and I realize once I improve and that goes on my record, I don't want to work there anymore. This has put a damper on my mood today. :sad:


So I am asking for your help/guidance and advice and perhaps some encouragement.

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