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I have spent months sorting out my Will to secure my parents financial future as they are in financial strife.


They said that they would pay for the cost of the lawyers fees.


Now that the bill has arrived, and it is bigger than they expected, they are asking me to foot a third of the bill. It is a big hit for me and one I haven't planned for plus I have loads of other expenses to factor in.


They haven't kept to their side of the deal. Furthermore, I wired over some money to help them pay their bills.


Is this fair and what should I do?



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I'm a bit confused as to how your Will is going to help your parents financial situation, unless you're planning on dying in the near future.


In regard to your question about the fee, it's unfortunate that you didn't know how much it would cost beforehand, and only you know if they can reasonably afford it (or for that matter, if you can reasonably afford it). If they're in financial straits at the moment, then maybe they will find it hard to pay, but then I wonder why it was done at this time in that case. Whose idea was it? If they wanted it, they should pay it. If you wanted it, you should pay it. If you both wanted it, and can afford to stick to the original agreement, then that's what should happen.

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We had an agreement that I would get my Will sorted so their future was secure should anything happen to me - because they are in financial strife.


We agreed that they would pay the fees incurred for having my Will written up.


Stupidly, I didn't get a quote done beforehand and so we have been hit with a massive bill.

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