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The Perfect Storm: How do I survive?

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So my story begins as follows:

I met an awesome girl while we were in the same course. Unfortunately we only began to talk and get to know each other until we had two weeks left. We begun to hangout and we really hit it off. I asked her if she wanted to be more than friends and she refused. She told me that she liked me but she was very devoted to her career and would like nothing to hinder her. I told her I understood.

We continued to hangout and I felt we were getting to know each other a lot more, until she had to move away.

When she left, I didn't know exactly were we stood. She didn't either. We talked and talked until I gave her a choice to walk away. I didn't contact her for a day when finally I called her and she told me she wanted to give this relationship a try.

She lives more than 500 miles away so seeing her over the weekend isn't possible.

I recently she told me that she is indecisive. She doesn't know if I am the right guy. She is afraid of commitment and isn't sure.

She did visit me and my family and we felt a lot closer over the holidays. But once again she went back and I am here.


In summary:

We've only known each other for less than a month

We've started a LDR with more than 500 miles in between us.

She is afraid of commitment


I feel like I am hopeless in this situation. I really like this girl and would like to know her more and connect to her more. But our current situation doesn't allow it. Any advice?

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That's a pretty rocky basis for a relationship....find someone closer. Better for both of you.


I would like to find someone close to me but I am not going to be actively looking for someone. We just happened to be in the same course. I never expected to be with her. It just happened that way.

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I'd get rid of her before you get too attached and invest too much in someone who doesn't really seem to be willing to do the same.

You'll save yourself a lot of heartbreak if you let her go now.


She came to visit me and my family. I'd say that she is at least trying to the best to her abilities given her current situation ( she is in school and she came to see me while she is currently in the semester)


Do you guys think I am giving her too much credit?

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Hey...this sounds like a really hard one...


Im in a LDR at the mo, and were havin some issues bout the distance (were 120 miles apart,we can only see each other once a week)...


It sounds like you really like the girl yeah?

If you both want to give it a shot make sure you are both 100% into it...Its hard,but if you know that you are ready to do this and you feel that she is?-then i say go for it...


Will you guys see one another bak in college?

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