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My Ex Called last Night

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MY ex and I aren't NC but we don't talk or see each other much but are on good terms. She called last night and we had a pleasant conversation. She told me about a function this weekend with her singles club that is at a bar we used to frequent and she is attending with her new BF. She suggested that I attend as well. When I mentioned that it might be awkward for all three of us she mumbled something about it having to happen sooner or later.


I think that she is trying to get me to see other women which is fine, I appreciate the concern. The part that is bothering me is that it doesn't occur to her that this situation might make me feel bad. I guess she is over our relationship and feels that I should be too. I would like to meet new single people but this doesn't seem like the right situation to do it. I'm afraid that seeing her with her new ex might depress me too much. I hope that I don't do something stupid.

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It seems like she is still controling your emotions. Do not go!!!! If you think it's going to be akward with the 3 of you then you know it will be a bad idea to go.


I would NOT be talking to an ex who is trying to hook me up and inviting me to singles bars with her bf. I would have to be insane to accept such a crazy invite.



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