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I had a revelation of sorts after my recent romance ended badly. This one hurt me more than any other relationship ending had, and I examined why, and I think it is because I have such little self worth, and she in addition to liking almost the exact same things I did in every genre, made me feel special.


When she left I suddenly had nothing. I have a lot of friends, a lot of talents, and have done a ton in my life, but I can't seem to find self worth or be happy with myself. I don't need relationships to function, and have actually gone years in between them so that is a good thing but I do notice that even then I am always thinking badly of myself.


I know this is a common problem, and the issues run deeper than can be addressed in such a short space, but what do people on here suggest to get started on the road to liking who I am for me?

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what do people on here suggest to get started on the road to liking who I am for me?


Work out. I suggest racquetball; it's fast paced, high energy, a lot of fun, can be played solo, and you aren't highly visible if you're uncomfortable working out in public. Swimming is also good; a summer spent with a few hours a day swimming will tone you without you even noticing it.


The benefits of exercise are multiple: You'll be riding the natural endorphin rush and have a more positive outlook/frame of mind, you're likely to meet other active individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds who have at least enough security and sociability to be at the gym, and when you do meet someone you'd like to impress you'll be confident that you're as fine a catch as you can make yourself out to be.


Rejections sting much less when you have a true sense of self-worth.

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