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Why is good communication so important?


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I'm doing an essay on communication for one of my college assignments. I'm pretty much done, just need to add a couple of points here and there, but was just wondering if I could get a few different perspectives on this. Why do you think good communication is so important in any relationship? I've done the essay from my point of view personally, but just wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts I haven't come accross, or could add any ideas.





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So you don't have doubts about the other person. Doubt turns to insecurity, insecurity to fear, and fear to the unwitting sabotage of a relationship.


It's okay to have secrets, but not when it is damaging to either yourself or to your partner.

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Communication is important before a conflict arises because it helps each individual person understand the way the other thinks. This way you can avoid a misunderstanding. In my experience, most conflicts are a result of a misunderstanding that heats up. Most people are willing to compromise - but they get hang ups on small details like "tone" and the words you used, etc. So understanding how the other thinks helps you use the correct tone and words so that they don't misconstrue what you're saying.


Communication is also in a way entertainment. Telling stories is very fun and most communication like that increases the health of a relationship.


Lastly I also think that to love something, you need to know it or understand it to a degree. Sometimes people fall out of love because they don't know the person they're with anymore - they become a stranger because of lack of communication. People change all the time, its inevitable. If people cease to communicate well they will both change and go different directions. If they communicate, they will either start liking the 'new' person all over again or change 'with' them.

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I don't know why communication is really that important in a relationship. I lie to my girlfriend everyday. She has caught me in every lie I told. Usually 1 hour to a few hours later she'll catch it.


For example I'll tell her I'm not in the mood for phone sex but then she'll call me later and catch me in the middle of a masturbation session. I like to play hard to get when it comes to turning down sex.

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