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Irritating Situation...


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Ok, I'm a noob here...anyways here it goes. (I'm in highschool for background info)


Basically I started talking to this girl a few weeks ago after a friend of mine got a text from her sayign she had a small crush on me. She had broken up with her boyfriend of 2 years about a month before I started talking to her. We hung out a couple times, then started texting. Shes pretty much texted me everyday since, throughout the day till we go to bed. I had planned to take her out to lunch in Boston but a series of random unlucky events kept forcing us to postpone our trip. She had told me after our first date for coffee that she and her ex were still sort of seeing eachother, and that she wanted me to know that before hand and to be aware of it. As time went on, she started to like me more and more, same happening to me with her. We hung out with a mutual friend of ours, but then she ended up calling her ex and went over to his house as we were leaving. I told her it wasnt cool and she appologized and told me that there is a small chance they could get back together becuase they had been dating for so long and still hold feelings for eachother.


We continue texting and then time goes on to her telling me how she is really really starting to like me. She tells me she is confused of her feelings and does not know whether she wants to go back with her ex or be with me. From what I hear, her ex had just gottten tired of dating her and has no interest in getting back together. She asked me if I had a person to take to this concert the other day, so i told her no and she decided she would come with me. A few days before that she told me how she wants to kiss me and such. She came over that next night, we talked on my bed, then laid down together, then we basically cuddled under the covers and "napped" then it ended up with me kissing her. Before I kissed her, I made eye contact with her and just something about it, made me feel like we had a really strong connection. She texted me later that night telling me that shes afraid I will get hurt but I'm accepting of heartbreak at this point, because for me, shes worth the shot.


Two days after, she came with me to the concert with two other girls and a guy. She and I stood next to eachother and in line, she wrapped her arm around mine, then later on, she kept resting her head on my shoulder, which led to her holding onto me and putting her head on me while I had my arm around her. Today she texts me telling me how her ex is probably going to find out we kissed and we cant do it again for awhile. So I'm just kind of annoyed. Shes been sending me texts all the time and now shes recently added

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She sounds like she is really confused (most high school girls are) even though you really like her, you should give her some more time to figure out what she wants (if you're willing to wait and do it on her terms) and try not to get too engrossed her in just yet. be a friend to her and let her know she can tell you or talk to you about anything, that will give her a lot of comfort in you, if you don't want to wait it out...let her know how you feel and tell her that if she wants to be with her x then to stop playing games with your head and maybe try to move on to somebody new

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If I were in your position, I'd get out of there. Having a crush on you and such a month after breaking up with her boyfriend of two years screams rebound to me. The fact that she won't let him go (and, well, the fact that she's admitted this) says that she's FAR from over him. You're a rebound/backup plan for her, I'd say.

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