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A poem by a healing heart

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Hey guys, I just wrote this poem because I needed to express my feelings. The healing process creates alot of emotions and I find it relaxing to write how I feel because it allows me to discover my true feelings...I'm not much of a writer, so my apologies if it's not very good lol.





That Girl


Do you remember that girl?

The one who always smiled, laughed, and never cried

The one who saw only beauty in the whole world

Her naive heart believed love never died


Why did she have to leave?

What made her change into someone so cruel?

Someone who she never wanted to be

Perhaps it was because you made her into such a fool


All the love she gave was so true

You were everything she ever wanted

But you decided you wanted someone new

So you just left her to be alone and haunted


Your words still in her mind

Her love for you still in her heart

She forgot how to be kind

She fell apart


Every warm memory of you was like a cold knife

She couldn’t handle the pain any longer

You were easily enjoying your life

And so she decided it was time to become stronger


She dried her tears and threw away your letter

And took a walk in her favorite red dress

Seeing the world made her feel better

Suddenly she wasn’t such a mess


Of course it still hurt her

How could she forget her sorrow

But at least now time could finally move faster

Now she could look forward to tomorrow


She changed, grew, and was reborn

Never again will she let love take her over

It hurts too much to be torn

Love made her drunk and now she is sober


Do you remember that girl?

The one you walked on and let fall

The one who begged for you in front of the whole world

I don’t remember her at all

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