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Time and Patience my friends...Time and Patience


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Ok so this doesn't really help me out any but I wanted to let you know about what has happened recently since me and my ex broke up. Long story short, we both met in college (my 2nd yr, her 1st) and were both coming off of long term relationships that we had in high school. We got together and 4 years later she breaks up with me (july 08). Anyway, we've been really LC throughout the whole break up, we've talked on the phone i think twice and texted eachother about once a month. I would really love to have her back and have used this time to make myself better. I've joined a gym and enrolled back in school. So today as i'm walking out of my class i walk right past her high school boyfriend, we both kind of looked at eachother like I know who you are (pictures)but whatever...so now this douche bag has me thinking about my ex so instead of going home and looking at my ex's myspace, i look at his. Well what do you know... my ex and him were messaging each other from about october to the beginning of december and hanging out every now and then. Now im not mad about this because i know my ex and was with her while she was trying to get over this chump. In fact when we broke up she said that i was different and could possibly get back together with me later down the line. She said her hs boyfriend was a "yes" man and could never be with someone like that ever again. She basically wore the pants and hated it. Ok so now put yourself in that guys shoes... You're with someone for 3 years in high school and then she breaks it off with you and finds someone in college (me). 4 years later, they're broken up and she's available...hmmm?? Now if i hadn't done some things that caused the break up this guy wouldn't even be in the picture but now he's back in the ball game (so he thinks). Think about it guys and gals, you may not get what you want right now but time and patience may bring it to you later...Now this story isn't to say that your ex will get back with their ex but just to show you that you can never count out a reconciling moment with an ex....the only thing you can do is work on yourself in the meantime that way when that opportunity presents itself, you're ready for it...

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