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First let me start off by saying that I am a very quiet person....not shy exactly just quiet....I never have expressed myself very well and Ive always had problems standing up for myself when I knew I should....


Now to my issue....theres this guy...I really like him a lot--the problem: I KNOW he's no good for me; our relationship isn't going to go anywhere....he's a crappy boyfriend; he's not there when I need him; there's been several times when I was upset and I called him or texted him and he hasn't been there for me; I couldn't count on him if I needed him; but I can't let him go....


I have no problem not calling or not texting him and I'm fine until he calls or texts me.....and I can't bring myself to tell him to leave me alone....Does anyone know why???? Why I can't let it go??

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Perhaps, you're like me! I'm always attracted to the ones that DON'T treat me like gold.

Ha! Sad but funny.


Anyway, just do your own thing, lead your life... do your activities and something will happen. You'll find someone new. Maybe he's right around the corner... if you were to go outside right now... you just never know who you'll meet! Stay positive!

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