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I dont know if any of you have come accross my story. Im sure you will find it on here somewhere.


Very brief been together 3 years

Since the breakup. 2 months ago, we have been in contact most days up until christmas, were we exchanged presents.

The day after she text me saying she didnt see us getting back together.

I went NC (didnt announce it), but text her on her birthday, to say happy birthday. She thanked me. I went NC again. 4 days later she texts me, i reply a day or so later, we have a small text exchange. Then i didnt reply. Waiting for her to initiate contact again. Cos i feel LC in my situation might work, instead of strict NC.

Few more days pass, she pops up on MSN and says "so do we not talk at all now" and then signed off.......


Well Between our small text exchange, and her MSN message. (4 days)

Something had happened in the week.

One of her best friends had tried to commit suicide, and it was my ex that found her, and if she wasnt there at that time, this girl would have died within an hour.


I didnt find out about this until a day and a half ago, cos my ex were having a small chat on MSN. I asked if she was back at uni. she said she had a bad week, and was exhausted. I thought it was down to the stress of uni. But thats when she told me what had happened. So she is obviously very shaken up by the whole thing, even her tutors sent her home.


So i just want a few opinions on how to proceed from here.......




Thanks guys

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Hey Tin Tin, I've already given you advice. But to people reading this, this is a relatively short thread compared to most out there, and it'd be great if you guys could leave some posts about your opinion and give tin tin a different perspective than I have. I'm sure he would greatly appreciate it, versus the threads that are blowing up. Thanks

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Just send her a text to tell her that you'll be there for her in case she needs support. This is no longer about getting back together (at least until she is in this state of shock), it's about helping the person you love. I think sticking to No Contact now would be an horrible idea.

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