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What makes you 'miss" someone?

Sweet Venus

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A variety of things or.... nothing. It can just come over me, or it could be a story I wish I could share with him right then, or it could be he just walked out the door to go out of town and it hits me. When I wanted to trigger that in someone else, I gave him more space. That can work.

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-When I catch a guy with a similar scent (my bf has a distinct scent)

-When I smell chlorine (was a swimmer all of high school)

-When I see his picture (I have 2 photos of him in my room. One is a pic of both of us from X-mas and another is his senior picture)

-When I use any of the things he got me

-When someone says one of his words (exasporated, belligerent, rather are all words that he is prone to say)

-When I watch certain movies we have seen together

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You start to think of all the good things that you had together once that person is gone, then once a little time goes by, you begin to miss those good times and realize that they will probably never happen with that person again.


It all comes down to routine, once that routine is broken and changed into nothing, you begin to miss it.


I think she is talking about being away from your partner. Not a breakup.

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When something happens during your day that you really want to tell them about. Smells are big triggers. Boredom can make you miss them. There's a lot of things.


Are there "triggers"?? I want to install one in my mans house!!!! LOL


Are you guys in an ldr? That's torture.

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