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Women approaching Men


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Thanks for your advice, albeit put rather bluntly.


I'd say a couple of things though:

1. You seem to assume I don't ask women out and I do. Not one a day, but once every few months. Most women just say no outright which has always puzzled me. I mean, I thought that the sensible thing would be to at least try to get to know the person a bit better? All this time I've assumed they said 'no' for physical attractiveness reasons, hence may obsession with physical attractiveness.


2. I'm not the only one in this situation. A friend of mine called Sid has never dated or had a relationship and he's 31. Another 28 year old friend of mine called James has not been on a date in the 8 years I've known him, though he says he had girlfriends before that. That's why I say it's harder for men. Empiracal evidence. I don't have one single female friend that has never had a relationship, and most women I've known, even the ones that weren't attractive, have had men chase them. OK, so not all of those incidents turned into the Century's Greatest Romance, but you have to admit that it's better to have loved and lost etc...


3. I do what I can to change. I dress well, work out in the gym, have a good job. At some point you have to say that you've done all you can and the ball is in the other gender's court. After all, it takes two to tango as they say.


You say hit on all attractive women, and I would happily do that, but not if they are giving 'get the hell away from me' signals. Apart from that I'm not shy, I'll approach anyone for their number. When I go on these forums everyone assumes I'm some socially inept shy geek, but that's just so far from the truth. I have female friends, a good social circle, and I'm probably more confident than most of the people you know. So be careful with those assumptions.


Really? I gotta say something here. I wasn't going to comment further but this is way too sad (and pathetic) if it's true.


So get busy, start asking, and change your life.


I realize this sounded like rah rah and MAN UP, but come on, thirty and no dates?


If you are interested in women sexually at all, hit on them.


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ok, we've just had this huge discussion on how women must start doing their own homework, so...


BOYS (more specifically the shy ones), how do you feel when a woman approaches you? how would you feel?


more important: how would you react to that?


I love when girls make the first move. No idea why. Perhaps because it reduces the odds of rejection to none?

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