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The Pill and getting attention?


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Why do girls want their boyfriend to remind them to take the pill and discuss it in front of everyone?


I have seen this numerous times.....anyone else?


(I mean, can't you keep it by your bathroom sink and pop one after you brush your teeth in the morning???)

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There are some people who will turn every little thing into attention getting behavior.


If i were a guy and the girl required me to remember, it would scare me, because what if he's not around for a day to remind her? She's got to show some responsbility there, and can't be that stupid that she can't set up a routine every day to take care of herself, whether that is personal hygiene or taking a pill.


And i think discussing it in front of other people is attention getting behavior and really tacky... i wouldn't discuss my sex life or birth control with anyone in casual conversation.

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I have no idea why any girl would want their guy to remind them in front of everyone.


If a girl was doing that she would probably be


a) very young


b) very immature


c) wants everyone to know that she is having sex.


i would HATE it if a boyfriend did this to me.. I'd find it controlling and patronising!... then again i'm 31.. not 16

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I think thats a very private thing to be discussed in front of a crowd.


I personally didn't want anyone to remind me to take the pill and especially not in public,in front of others...


Those are just immature girls who want to brag about having sex and being on birth control, without realising how serious this matter is.

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I've been on it since I was 11 as I have endometriosis. and im now 18..but occasionally I will go through random bad patches where I just forget to take it, and as my bf sees me everyday he reminds me anyway...so many girls are on the pill now its so common that I dont see why they would be boasting about it anyway, its not like its a rare thing x

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possibilities why a girl would say that:


- she wants to show everyone: i have a guy

- she wants to show everyone: see what a wonderful relationship we have, we can talk about everything

- she wants to stress, how much she likes him, because she is taking the pill because of him

- she wants to ensure that he takes her and the relationship serious, because she is taking the pill for him

- she is a forgetful person and needs a reminder (maybe she should opt for a different method in this case)

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