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Inappropriate attraction..!


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Ok so I have a problem..! I started working at a new place about six months ago, not expecting or trying to meet anyone new when I get introduced to two chaps one of which I thought 'Oh my god who the hell are you?!' It turns out he's the bosses son... * * * * ..

I didn't think much of it, thinking, 'oh well, I probably wont be attracted to him anyway' due to mind, body and spirit synergy not matching etc. And, it turns out I was wrong... except he's very shy, I'm very shy and a lot of 'I'm interested' and 'I'm not interested' signals. Hence, very confused!

He seems lovely, knows when I'm embarrassed (when I have to make a phone call for him and he's watching, I go beet red uncontrollably and he leaves so that I don't have to suffer the torture), we're into similar things, wildlife, diy, have no airs and graces.

We've had looks, an 'atmosphere', but of course.. he's also the bosses son, so there's a limited amount I feel I can do without coming accross as a vixen when really I'm not. I can be a bit brassy but underneath am quite shy when I'm truly attracted to someone. The truth is, he seems like a nice chap who I also find very sexy - how on earth do I deal with this?! In truth, I'm not totally confident that he's that interested all of the time and whether this is just something that happens in the place where he works - after all, I may not be the only one this has happened to! But he doesn't seem the fickle sort... argh!!!! He seems quite private and so am I which makes it difficult as we're around other work colleagues al ot and when we're alone we both go into 'I'm shy and am trying to be at work' mode.

I don't see him too often - mostly in passing and sometimes (if I'm lucky) for half an hour or so.. if anyone has any advice on how to continue or find out if he's really attracted it would be much appreciated! I'm frightened of seeming that I'm trying to make the situation more awkward.. but it is awkward!!! I'd just like to get to know him a little and have no idea how to go about this, other people at work have twigged on that I'm attracted to him (by totally unintentional reactions by me which have been purely instinctual - eek!), so it makes me so much more aware of how I'm reacting to him.

I'm going to shut up now before this turns into an essay - but please someone heeeelp meeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yours sincerely, desperado Purusha xxx

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Hmm it would be waay too weird to ask him to hang out, this chap is very shy and has trouble talking to me at the best of times!!! har har! Laughing at the potential look on his face...!! Plus, this is britain we're talking about yer know.. have to retain the stiff upper lip at all times. Lets face it.. I'm stuffed!! lol

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