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Got back with the Ex...But there is DOUBTS that bother me.


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Well me and my girl (I'm bi) got back together. We are in a long distance relationship. While separated from her I've met a great guy at work. He is a very good person. I could tell him anything that's going on with me and he will sit there and listen. I like him, because he isn't like almost every guy. He isn't selfish, he goes the distance to help people, loves kids, and always has a smile on his face and kind to others.


I felt something special about this person. I thought about an "US" and going back to men, but my feelings for my ex were too strong. He told me he loved me (I met him in August of 08, we hit it off great. I use to talk to him for hours, I was still in a relationship then) I believed him when he told me,because he is the type of person that doesn't play with that word.


I told him a few days ago that me and her got back together. He told me that he is glad that I'm happy and said that me and her are soul mates. I laughed and said how are you sure. He said that I told him that she was like my other half. Then he joked and said we are prob soul mates, then I got quiet and asked how did he know. He said that when I first met you that he developed a deep connection with me. I didn't know what to say. He asked if I thought of her as my soul mate. I said I say to myself maybe or is it? He said that no matter what happens that he will always be there to catch me or pick up the pieces if something ever happens, but he says he hopes nothing like that happens. I told him that I want to know him a lot better and that I want him to know me a lot better.


He asked me am I sure that its going to work out, I said nope, but I'm willing to give it another go. I told him that she has grown and seem to have made a lot of changes and seems to communicate more, but I still have the doubts.

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No its not that I have interest in him like that. I told him lets be friends, because us being lovers is not something that can be done now. He says he understands and wants to friends, but he isnt going to give up, because he says he feels connected to me in his heart. and he feels like giving up is like him losing a part of himself. i love the person I'm with, but Everything in life happens for a reason right?

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What do you think of this situation,ready?

I have doubt but i told him that he should be with someone who should love him the way he should be loved. He believes in his heart that thats me. I dont know if he is the one or the one im with now is. I've never went out with the guy before. But said that he promises to be there to catch me when I fall and be there to pick up the pieces and I believe him when he tells me he loves me.

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