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My Ex texted my mother a few times after we broke up and I told my mom to stop replying or just be polite and short when she does. She understood and did just that. But It has now been 6 weeks since we talked other than a merry christmas from her which i replied to. Now She hasnt tried to text me since I told her twice that I just cant be friends. She texted me once after that and again said the same thing to her.


However the other day she texted my mom asking if she thinks I would help her install Limewire on her computer. My mom just said I dont know. What is she trying to do? I mean its not hard to install. Does she hope my mom will tell me and Ill text or call her? Does she miss me? She also told my good friend that she wished she could sit down and talk to me about it (it im guessing is the break up). However when I was trying to talk to her about it she would be short and say i am going to bed I dont want to talk about it. Does she hope these people will tell me about it so I will txt her and look like im giving in? What?



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Sounds like she wants you to get in touch. Your poor mom stuck in the middle! If you're really not interested in getting back together at all, send her an email or text asking her to stop contacting your mom.

If you DO want her back...bone up on limewire and get over there!

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Well she broke up with me and i tried to get her back. made a fool of myself the first 2 weeks. Then I decided this wasnt good, so I went NC.


When I was trying to get her back I asked her is there a chance and she would say I dont want to be with you sorry. So that is pretty plain and simple. Yet I would ask her so never? and she would just say I can never say never. However, she still said she loved me. I would tell her just say you dont anymore it will make it easier on me. But she would never say she didnt. She said she needed to be alone right now and she wants to be friends and all of that. OF course I said yes at first but like I said later I told her it is to difficult for me we shouldnt talk anymore. Yet she still texted me later and I said the same thing. she was even being flity. Like "When are you innviting me to play Wii?!"


So I dont know what to think.

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